How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge? Find Out Now


How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge? Find Out Now


Are you a beer lover looking to enjoy one of your favorite beverages in the coming days, weeks or months? If so, then this post is for you. Many people might not know that there is actually an expiration date associated with beer. Knowing how long does beer last in the fridge and what factors can affect its longevity is crucial if you want to get full enjoyment from every sip. So take a seat, grab a cold one and let’s dive into what we need to know about beer shelf life.

How long does beer last in the fridge?

Beer can last up to an additional two or three years when stored in a refrigerator. This includes bottled beer, cans, and growlers. Please note that this applies to unopened beer. Once opened, beer has a shelf life of about a day, regardless of the expiration date listed. Thankfully, most beers have expiration dates printed on them or their packaging, making it easy to determine if they have gone bad.

How long does beer last outside the fridge?

Beer stored unopened at room temperature typically maintains its peak quality for four to six months, after which the taste gradually degrades. For refrigerated beers, the unopened bottles can offer optimal taste for six to eight months before a slow decrease in quality begins. It is important to store the beer at the temperature it was purchased, such as placing a six-pack bought from a refrigerated case into the refrigerator at home.

What factors can affect how long beer lasts in the fridge?

Several factors can impact the shelf life of beer when stored in the refrigerator. Three main culprits include exposure to light, oxygen, and bacteria. Storing beer in dark bottles safeguards it from the sun’s UV rays, which can trigger a chemical reaction leading to undesirable flavors. Minimizing oxygen exposure is crucial, as it can significantly alter the beer’s taste. Canned beer is less susceptible to oxygen exposure compared to bottled beer. Proper storage, such as keeping bottled beer upright, helps minimize air contact and potential leakage. Bacteria, although less likely to survive in beer due to its high alcohol content, can cause spoilage if they contaminate the liquid. Commercial brewers take precautions to reduce bacterial contact, but refrigerating craft beer can increase its shelf life by slowing microbial activity.

What factors can affect how long beer lasts in the fridge?

Does Beer Go Bad In The Fridge?

Yes, both opened and unopened beer can go bad in the fridge. While an unopened bottle or can of beer can last up to two or three years in the refrigerator, an opened bottle or can will generally only remain good for a day before oxidation compromises the flavor.

If you frequently return opened beers to the fridge, considering resealable containers like growlers or investing in a keg can help extend the beer’s freshness. It is important to understand the various keg sizes to avoid ending up with an oversized aluminum doorstop.

Why Does Your Beer Go Bad?

Unlike milk, beer doesn’t have a true expiration date. However, if a bottle has been sitting in the back of your fridge for months, it won’t taste as good as it should. The main factors that can cause beer to deteriorate are light and heat, which trigger a process known as oxidation.

How Do You Know When Beer Goes Bad?

How can you determine if beer has gone bad? (Beer can even turn skunky while you’re drinking it if your glass is exposed to direct sunlight!) Malty beers such as pilsners and stouts may acquire sweet, bready, and toffee-like flavors over time, suggesting that they may have exceeded their best quality.

How Do You Know When Beer Goes Bad?

Does Beer Have An Expiration Date?

Beer does have an expiration date. At room temperature, it typically lasts about 5 to 9 months beyond the date on the label. When stored in a refrigerator, beer can last for an additional two or three years. This applies to bottled beer, cans, and growlers.

Can You Drink Expired Beer?

Beer can be safe to drink past its expiration date, but its flavor will degrade. Heat, light, and oxygen exposure all contribute to the beer going stale. Organic compounds, largely responsible for its smell and taste, are impacted by aforementioned factors.

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What to do with expired beer?

Using expired beer can be a great way to get more out of it. It is important to note that rotten or skunky beer should not be used as it may contain harmful bacteria.

There are many ways to utilize expired beer, such as adding it to homecooked meals, cleaning pots and pans, removing stains, using it as a hair treatment, creating insect traps, foot scrubbing and rust removal. Additionally, expired beer can be used as a sleep aid and for plant composting.

What to do with expired beer?

How to store beer in the fridge?

Store Beer in the fridge at a temperature between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit to optimize its shelf life. Ensure that bottles are kept upright. Storing unopened cans and bottles in the fridge or at room temperature is acceptable when establishing the ideal storage conditions is not possible.

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