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How much is Linus worth? Family & Life Style

How much is Linus worth?

This article will explore Linus’ career and many successes while also examining How much is Linus worth? and this business. Let’s start now.

The main creator of the most popular technology-related YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, is Linus Sebastian.
Since Linus Sebastian’s videos frequently receive over a million views, many people may be curious about his net worth.
About $85 million is Linus worth. The majority of his income comes from YouTube channels run by his business, Linus Media Group, which also includes affiliate marketing, video sponsors, and merchandise sales.

Linus Tech Tips net worth
Linus worth


Linus Sebastian Overview

YouTuber Linus Sebastian is from Canada. He specializes in making technological videos. The videos feature reviews, technical advice, and step-by-step instructions on how to build a computer.
His four active YouTube channels are Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit, on which he also appears.

Sebastian’s first YouTube channel was the main one, Linus Tech Tips. In 2008, Sebastian joined YouTube alongside Linus Tech Tips (LTT).
He is one of the most well-liked tech YouTubers currently using the service. Over 15.2 million people subscribe to Linus Tech Tips, and that number is constantly growing. The most popular tech channel on YouTube is this one.

Additionally, Linus Sebastian founded and is the owner of Linus Media Group, a business that aids in YouTube channel management. The group was started by Sebastian in 2013.

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Early Life of Linus Sebastian

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Linus Sebastian was born in 1986. Emily and Isabelle are his two sisters. Asher and George are the names of his other two brothers.

Attended Garibaldi Secondary School was Linus Sebastian. He enrolled at the University of British Columbia after graduating.
A few years after enrolling, Sebastian left the University of British Columbia. He claimed he had made the decision to focus his time on computer work and tech-related projects because he found those activities more enjoyable.

He obtained employment with NCIX while he was still a student at the University of British Columbia. Netlink Computer Inc. was the previous name for NCIX. It is a computer sales company.

Sebastian started working full-time for NCIX as soon as he finished school. His supervisors promoted him as a result of his hard work and impression on them.
NCIX gave Linus Sebastian control of their technology video channel in 2007. This exposed him to the process of creating content, which encouraged him to start Linus Tech Tips in 2008.

Linus Sebastian’s Career

The beginning of Linus Tech Tips on YouTube was fairly modest. The technology channel he was managing for NCIX was largely where it started. Linus also prioritised other tasks, so he did not immediately transition to a full-time career on YouTube.

After leaving NCIX, Linus worked out a deal with the business to keep the channel as long as he agreed to a non-compete agreement.

Sebastian founded the Linus Media Group (LMG) in 2013 to focus more time and energy on content creation. Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee were all employed by the group. Currently, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada serves as the organization’s headquarters.

The LTX expo was additionally hosted by the Linus Media Group. A convention for writers of technologically based content was intended when the LTX Expo was founded.
Linus Sebastian now oversees a large number of channels that the Linus Media Group has developed. These channels comprise:

The most watched channel is Linus Tech Tips, which has more than 15.2 million subscribers and 6.6 billion views.

Other Ventures

A podcast called The Wan Show is hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere. Since 2013, they have been the show’s hosts. The podcast discusses news and developments in the tech industry. It is accessible on the majority of podcast streaming services.

Sebastian’s time has been more heavily consumed by the Linus Media Group, which is also ramping up its content production.

Yvonne Ho, Sebastian’s wife, is the CFO of the Linus Media Group, and he is the CEO at the moment. The COO is Nick Light.

Linus Cat Tips and They’re Just Movies are not in the technology sector, despite the fact that most of the channels run by Linus Sebastian and Linus Media Group concentrate on the world of technology and electronics.

Videos about Linus Sebastian’s cats can be found at Linus Cat Tips. The brief videos are mostly shot in an at-home video style.

They’re Only Films Previously known as Carpool Critics, it has since undergone a name change.

In the videos, a small group of LMG staff members watch and discuss films. Rarely does Linus show up in these videos.

There is a podcast version of They’re Just Movies.

How Much Money Does Linus Make On YouTube?

The primary channel in the Linus Media Group lineup, Linus Tech Tips, has more than 15 million subscribers and more than 6.6 billion views. Over the course of the channel’s existence, these views have brought Linus Sebastian about $66 million from YouTube advertisements alone.

This excludes the money made from sales of goods, the numerous sponsors on almost every video, affiliate commissions, and other sources of income. Additionally, this does not account for the earnings from Linus’ other YouTube channels.

A breakdown of Linus Worth’s earnings across all of his channels can be found here:

Channel No. of Views AdSense Earnings
Linus Tech Tips 6.6 billion $66.1 million
Techquickie 773 million $5.41 million
TechLinked 420 million $2.94 million
ShortCircuit 407 million $4.07 million
Channel Super Fun 289 million $2.89 million
LMG Clips 168 million $1.17 million
Mac Adress 77 million $769,000
Linus Cat Tips 11.2 million $62,600
They’re Just Movies 4.3 million $34,200


These are all the projected earnings from YouTube ads that appear on videos over the course of each channel’s existence. Once more, this does not take into account additional sources of income like sales of goods, sponsorships, or affiliate promotions.

When all of Linus’ channels are taken into account, his total revenue from YouTube-related activities exceeds $120 million. Linus worth has made about $83 million from YouTube ads alone.

While this is a sizable sum, it should be noted that Linus would not be making this much because he has a large staff that must be paid, and signs point to LMG paying quite well.

How Much Money Does Linus Make Per Month?

According to estimates, Linus Media Group generates a total of $4.86 million in monthly revenue. The main sources of this income are sponsorships, affiliate marketing, sales of products, and YouTube AdSense.
A video describing the company’s earnings and revenue sources was posted to Linus Tech Tips in 2020. The following graph, which breaks down the income, was shared despite the fact that the precise amount was not disclosed:

Depending on how many times a month’s worth of videos are viewed, The Linus Media Group earns about $1,592,032 from YouTube AdSense. This estimation is based on the most recent month and is broken down as follows:

Channel Monthly Views Linus worth AdSense Income
Linus Tech Tips 101 million $1.01 million
TechLinked 8.5 million $59,500
Techquickie 9.25 million $64,800
ShortCircuit 16 million $160,100
LMG Clips 7.94 million $55,600
Mac Adress 6.7 million $66,500
Channel Super Fun 17.2 million $172,000
They’re Just Movies 142,000 $1,133
Linus Cat Tips 19,500 $110

We can calculate that the LMG generates roughly $6.12 million per month and close to $73 million annually based on this number and the likelihood that the percentage of revenue from each revenue stream will be similar to 2020.

However, this only accounts for revenue and does not take into account the roughly 60 employees of LMG’s salaries, as well as the general operating expenses of the business, taxes, infrastructure, etc.

Note: Our YouTube Money Calculator was used to estimate the above YouTube earnings. Unlike other calculators that display hazy and wide estimate ranges, this takes into account the most crucial factors that influence how much a channel can earn.

Personal Life

Linus For more than ten years, Sebastian has been in a committed relationship. He tied the knot with Yvonne Ho in 2011. The Linus Media Group’s Chief Financial Officer is currently Yvonne Ho. One son and two daughters are the offspring of Sebastian and Ho.
Sebastian has experienced multiple account hacks. In 2011, a well-known hack resulted in the hacker extorting Sebastian.
Sebastian, along with other Tech YouTubers like Marques Brownlee, helped raise money and donate to help Austin Evans, a fellow tech YouTuber who lost his home in a house fire in 2014, rebuild.

Sebastian toyed with the idea of retiring in 2020, but he later changed his mind and is still creating content, with plans for greater expansion in the field of tech research.


The most popular technology channel on YouTube is Linus Tech Tips.
The channel has received billions of views, making it one of the most well-liked resources for information on computer building and technological news.
The nine YouTube channels owned by Linus Media Group have all been awarded silver 100,000 subscriber Play buttons. Contrarily, five channels—Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, ShortCircuit, and Channel Super Fun—received golden play buttons for accumulating one million subscribers.
The diamond play button was also given to the main channel, Linus Tech Tips, for achieving 10 million subscribers by the year 2020.

Final thoughts on Linus Tech Tips net worth

One of the most-watched YouTube channels is Linus Tech Tips, which has more than 15 million subscribers and 6.6 billion views. The Linus Media Group now employs about 60 people and is continuing to expand. Linus worth
The majority of Linus Sebastian net worth of $85 million estimated comes from his YouTube endeavors, where he also owns and runs Linus Media Group.
As you can see, Linus has found success in a variety of endeavors and has grown his YouTube channel into a significant business.
Overall, Linus Sebastian’s story of great success should serve as an example and an inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue a passion as a profession.


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