Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer – travel 30630455ta LOT Code

travel 30630455ta

Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer, Maggi Lot Number Code – travel 30630455ta, Maggi MakeMyTrip Offer : Maggi, the popular instant noodles brand from Nestle, has always been known for its exciting offers and promotions. Here comes another New bonanza offer called ‘Maggi Travel Bonanza offer‘ and code is travel 30630455ta.

Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer travel 30630455ta

The latest offering from Maggi is the Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer – travel 30630455ta, which gives customers a chance to win MakeMyTrip vouchers with every pack of Maggi noodles they purchase.

Customers who buy Maggi noodles can win a MakeMyTrip gift card worth 350 if they take advantage of this deal. Customers need to take a few easy steps to take advantage of the deal. First, they need to go to any shop and buy a package of Maggi noodles. The Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer must be written on the package. Customers must scratch the code on the pack to find the unique code after buying the pack. Below is the Maggi Lot Number Code.

Once a customer has the code, they need to send an SMS to a number that is written on the package. The SMS should have a unique code that starts with “travel 30630455ta.” The exact format of the SMS is shown below. Customers will get a confirmation word that they have won the MakeMyTrip voucher after they send the SMS.

After the customer claims the prize, the gift will be sent to the customer’s registered email address within 24 hours. Customers can use the coupon on the MakeMyTrip website or app to book flights, hotels, or vacation packages.

Every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, the offer will be available.

The Maggi Travel Bonanza Offer is offered all over India, except in the state of Tamil Nadu. It works for all sizes of Maggi packs. The deal is good from April 1 to May 10, 2023.

Maggi Lot Number Code – travel 30630455ta

Offer Name : Maggi Travel Bonanza
Offer period : 1st April 2023 to 10th May 2023
Number of winners : Assured – ₹350 voucher


Daily – ₹10000 Vouchers (10)

Weekly – ₹75000 Vouchers (1)

SMS format : TRAVEL Lot no. to 8367283672
LOT code : Travel 30630455ta

Official offerVisit Here

How to Participate Maggi offer – Travel 30630455ta

To participate, send the batch code on the pack via SMS to the number listed on the pack. The format is: TRAVEL <space>Lot No. to 8367283672. After sending the information in the format given, the participant will be notified by SMS that they are a qualified participant.

1. The Program period starts on April 1, 2023, and ends on May 10, 2023.
2. The Program has to follow all federal, state, and local laws and rules that are in effect.
3. The Participants who send the valid and correct SMS between 10AM to 8PM (here in after referred as “Program Timings”) during the Program Period (01/04/2023 to 10/05/2023) are eligible to participate in the Program.
4. The program only works for a certain pack of MAGGI Single Pack (70g). You can also buy packs without a deal.
5.If the participant’s code is correct, the participant will get the MakeMyTrip code via SMS travel 30630455ta after sending the SMS.
6. Participants must keep the pack with the batch code they used to sign up safe, as they may need to show a copy of the pack with the viewable winning code during KYC verification if they are chosen as a winner.

Prizes :

  • Every day, 10 winners will be chosen to receive a Rs. 10,000 MakeMyTrip gift card.
  • Every week, one person will be chosen to receive a Rs. 75,000 MakeMyTrip gift card. Ten winners will be chosen every hour, and one winner will be chosen every week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Maggi Travel bonanza lot code?

travel 30630455ta

Maggi Travel bonanza lot number?

TRAVEL Lot No. to 8367283672. Upon successfully sending the details in the described format, the participant will be informed via SMS of their valid participation.

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